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Filco - Majestouch 2 Pink - CHERRYMX Brown, full size, US ASCII

Model: FKBN104M/EP2

In this model, the board has been renewed to improve durability, reliability, and keystroke feeling.
A new FR-4 (glass epoxy board) two-layer board has been adopted, and the through holes of all switch terminals have been firmly fixed with solder. The load and vibration generated during keystrokes can be released not only to the iron plate but also to the board side, improving durability and succeeding in creating a feeling of keystrokes with less unpleasant taste.
In addition, the software has been designed so that it can withstand professional use by gamers, etc., by raising the data transfer rate to the PC to the maximum and obtaining high-speed response.

Equipped with Cherry MX brown axis switch
Cherry MX brown axis switch
Cherry MX brown shaft (tactile feel): The
push-down position is up to 4 mm, and the switch contact is about 2 mm down. It is a type that has a very slight click feeling on the switch contact part. It features a light input feeling due to the synergistic effect with a light repulsive force (spring pressure of about 45g).

Supports N-key rollover!
N-key rollover is a function that recognizes all keystrokes when multiple keys are pressed at the same time.
All keys can be pressed at the same time with PS / 2 connection!
(In the case of USB connection, up to 6 keys can be pressed at the same time regardless of the key combination. This is due to the USB specifications.)
All keys are equipped with a current backflow prevention mechanism using a diode.

USB & PS / 2 convertible design
The standard cable is USB. It supports plug and play and can be used on each Windows system. It can be connected as a PS / 2 keyboard by using the included dedicated PS / 2 plug.